Guaranteed minimum income vs universal basic income

What is a universal basic income (UBI)? And what would it mean for me? And why do Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and the Pope like it so much?
Get ready for one of the most exciting policy debates of the 2020 Election season:
Geoff Simmons, former Treasury economist and current leader of the Opportunities Party (TOP) vs. Max Rashbrooke, 2020 J. D. Stout fellow and senior associate at the Institute for Governance and Policy at VUW.
This is one for your policy nerd friends, economics wizards, up-and-coming political bloggers, and anyone who reckons $250 per week, no strings attached, sounds choice. Have a read of TOP’s fully-costed UBI policy here, and be ready with some hot questions for our speakers. We’re excited to host this event JJ Murphy’s on August 11th at 6pm.
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