Another person let down by Housing New Zealand

Stuff has the story of Pete Bryant, who’s been on the Housing New Zealand waiting list for 14 months, including two winters. He’s sleeping on the floor of a friend’s place while waiting for HNZ to find him a place, which they seem unable to do.

In the story, HNZ staff say Pete – who I interviewed for the book on inequality I edited in 2013 – turned down a place for being too small, but he says – and has witnesses to back him up – that it was HNZ who said he couldn’t have the place because it wasn’t suitable for his dog. (Pete has a medical certificate to show that he needs to have a dog for company and to combat depression.)

I’m inclined to believe Pete, and to think that it’s just another sign of the housing crisis that, despite being a wealthy country of 4.5 million people, we can’t seem to find accommodation for one man who desperately needs it.



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