The Good Society is a site run by Max Rashbrooke, the author of several major works on inequality and the book Government for the Public Good: The Surprising Science of Large-Scale Collective Action.

The site takes its name from American sociologist Robert Bellah’s book The Good Society, which puts active citizenship at the heart of a vision of a better world. We need to be active citizens taking part in political debate, Bellah argues, if we are to fulfil the promise of democracy and ensure that important decisions, by governments and by companies, are not taken “above people’s heads”. Political discussion is also an essential way to broaden our sympathies and deepen our understanding of what other people think and want, and thus lay the foundation for genuinely informed decision-making and voting.

In this small way, The Good Society tries to be the change it wants to see in the world, by providing something – a space for constructive political argument – that is part of any good society, however it is defined.